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"LetFreedomFly is a
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We construct top of the line, all steel, aluminized rust resistant finish, extremely durable flagpoles. Our parent company is a U.S. Government Defense Contractor. This greatly assisted us in our quest to design and construct a traditional and historically correct flagpole. Our poles are fashioned after the Arlington poles of 1940-1947. Our 26' Poles are a full 3" in dia. at the base. They pleasingly taper down at two locations, (three sections) to a full 2" dia. at the top. These are truly some of the best looking and rugged poles on the market!* LET OUR PROFESSIONAL STAFF INSTALL ONE AT YOUR LOCATION TODAY…

26' Flag Pole:

These poles are carefully manufactured by us at our facility in Larsen, WI.-no middle men-no sales team-no retail mark-up-just us passing the savings-directly to you.

The 26' flagpole includes a three piece. sectional flagpole, nylon rope halyard, 3' X 5' American Flag, lower rope stay, upper swivel pulley and nut block, flag snaps and poly pole topper. Everything included so you can let freedom fly...and let it fly high...where it belongs...Like America...Proud and tall.

26' flagpole             $249.99


Ground Mounts To Mount Your Pole

After checking for any underground utilities under ideal conditions your ground mount can be pounded in to the ground with a sledgehammer and a block of wood. It is constructed of 3" X 1/4" wall angle iron and has a bolt on pounding pedestal. When in place the pointed ends extend a full 3' into the ground with 2' extending above the ground to hold your pole solid. If your ground is either too loamy to support a flagpole or too hard or rocky to pound the mount in a hole can be dug and you can either use a full concrete surround or a shallow hole can be dug for a hybrid pound in / concrete in ground mounting system. All ground mounts include all necessary bolts and tubes.

Ground Mount             $89.95

26'Flag Pole Kit:

Save money and take advantage of this 2 in one offer...Flagpole and ground mount when purchased together

26' Flag Pole Kit             $299.95

*INSTALLED AND FLYING             $350.00

(*within 20 miles of Larsen, WI… Further distance negotiable)


A-Fab, Inc.
6008 Lakeview Rd. Larsen, WI. 54947
Bus: 920-836-3074 - Fax: 920-836-2325
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LetFreedomFly is a registered entity of A-Fab, Inc.
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